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Is nudity being taken for granted? Is the abundance of hot naked women on the internet, in movies and naked women in magazines desensitising us the true beauty of a hot naked girls ? When you see a sexy naked woman exposed, does it shock you or beg the question, why is she naked? Do you automatically wonder when you see naked girls pictures if they’re real or if she’s naturally a 44DD with a 28 inch waist?

The true beauty of a sexy naked woman is in her smile, it’s in her eyes when she looks at her lover and in her hands when she caresses the skin of her partner. Plastic and silicone seem to have corrupted our idea of beauty, any time you see hot naked women they’ve been augmented, enhanced and beautified by science and cosmeticians. What’s real anymore?

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Padded push up bras, playboy girls have implants for the breast and the bum, collagen, silicone, saline and Botox, all in the pursuit of the perfect hot naked woman; facelifts, nose jobs, fake nails and hair dye…where does it end? Who really wants to play with a Barbie Doll, when there are real women everywhere?
The breast of sexy naked women should hang; it should drop from her chest with the true weight of her bosom. So many women scorn stretch marks and sag, when those things that demonstrate the realness of that woman should be celebrated. When I see naked women I want to see natural breasts, I want to know that she’s real and unaltered from her vision to mine. There is nothing sexier than naked asian girls and naked black girls who know she’s beautiful, whose imperfections are collected and measured to make her more beautiful than the stereotype. Small and deflated may seem derogatory at first, but those words best describe the perfect breasts, to see them move and sway, natural and free is far better than the plastic alternative, holding tight and unmoving, resembling rocks rather that the soft breasts of a woman.

Modern media is saturated with images of so-called perfect women, naked blondes though perfection has eluded them. The pursuit of that perfection ends in the real sexy naked girls, the one walking the sidewalk, the one in the grocery store, the one behind the counter at the bank. Imagine the sight of those naked girl, nude and unabashed. How smooth is her skin beneath that blouse? Are her nipples large and puffy, or do they stand out like beacons? Does that demure, well mannered naked woman at the post office have any naughty tattoos, hidden from view, just waiting to be discovered?
No, the true beauty of a hot naked woman is not in her symmetry, it is not in her clear complexion, nor is it in her perfectly round and firm bum. It’s in her reality, it in the secrets that make her a sensual and sexy individual. Know her and you will find her perfection; see the way her hands touch her own skin and the manner in which she moves that beautiful body…that is perfection, those are truly beautiful sexy naked women. Enjoy pictures of hot naked women.
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